Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fraulein 38, "34 pieces starter brush full set"

I have been on the search for a "not so expensive" but at the same time very good brush set for quite sometime now. I found out about the Fraulein 38 brushes on YouTube and decided to purchase them and give them a try.

The pictures give a fair idea of all the kind of brushes the pouch contains so I will go ahead and comment on the quality. The powder brushes are very soft and manage to given off an even finish when used to apply powder foundation and loose powders as well. The fan brush in my opinion is the only one that sheds a bit. This however does not bother me because I hardly use fan brushes. Overall all I think this is worth the 21 euros I paid for it because all the brushes are amazing. This is a must have for all beginners  and even professionals who do not want to spend so much on high end brushes which can cost a fortune.

Fraulein 38 120 colours Jelly Matte Eyeshadow palette review

I originally decided to go straight ahead with the review but I felt the need to share my experience with the company as well. Fraulein 38 is a German cosmetic company with a lovely online store which I absolutely love because they are stocked with very lovely looking cosmetic products. As much as I love all that I am a bit hesitant to revisit them because of the long struggle before I finally received my order: a  120 colours jelly matte eyeshadow palette and 34 pieces starter brushes full set.
I ordered these products on 21st July 2012 and was  told it would take about 8 days to be delivered. I however received them only yesterday, 19th September 2012.

I made it a point to contact them when I realized the items were delaying and I must say they have a very efficient customer service and always replied on time however I could not contain my disappointment and borderline fury when I received a reply indicating that my items probably got lost in transit. Well thank God they offered to send the items again while re-emphasizing their loyalty to customers. The following weeks saw numerous emails back and forth where I was asked to pay an extra 5 euros for insurance. After I did that, this time I received the items within a week. I must say I  really love the items enough to want to do this review I just pray this unfortunate encounter does not often occur because it was really distressing.

This is the original package the palette came in. When I unboxed it the case was black with the brand sticker underneath it.

The palette comprises of both bright and subtle colours that can pull of day and night time looks for any occasion. This is a must have for daring individuals who like to experiment with different colours and pulling off wild looks. The top crate begins with two rows of different shades of blue, then moves on to a variety of green before the yellow section which comprises of some orange and gold infused colours.
The lower crate contains the white, grey and black colours with a row of purple and a row of pink which has about two red colours included.

Rather than doing swatches I intend to post pictures as I combine these colours in my everyday looks to give a clearer picture of how it looks when made up.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Revlon Just bitten Kissable lipstain review

I saw a review of these new lip stains by Revlon on YouTube and just could not wait to try them out myself and see if they were really as appealing as most reviewers portrayed them to be. Unfortunately these products are not yet in stores in France so I had to order mine from a U.S. based vendor last week on Ebay. While I was at it I just decided to order two of the lip butters as well because I have been having problems with very dry lips for the past few weeks.
I was really excited when I received the package yesterday and was eager to test the products, and when I did, there was nothing short of a smile of satisfaction on my face. This is definitely not one of those lip products you buy and end up disposing off. It falls no where near the category of lip products which have ended up making my lips wrinkly or develop tiny bumps. I really love this product because it is exactly what the name describes: a lip stain. The color really stains the lips and therefore automatically gives a long lasting wear. You therefore do not need to re-apply so much when touching up. A mere touch of lipgloss over the existing application will just give off that shine again. I also think it is quite moisturizing. Although it is not glossy, oily or as wet as a normal lip balm or lip shine would be it still manages to prevent your lips from feeling dry and cracked, even after majority of the product has wiped off. In addition to that it is really easy to apply. It gives off this creamy finish and looks really good even without a lip liner. I especially love the colours Sweetheart and Rendezvous which can be worn lightly as an everyday look or built up to a more fierce look for a special outing. I cannot wait for these products to start selling in France because I find them really worth the spend, and I am looking forward to getting more shades.
This is a link to the ebay vendor:

Rimmel's I love Lasting Finish review

Now I always come across a lot of nail polish which tend to be advertised to have a lasting finish, no chipping and so on. But honestly I have personally not come across one that is actually fits that category. Well today is the day I change my mind about that. I bought this Rimmel I love Lasting finish nail polish from Monoprix in Grenoble, France last weekend and I absolutely love it. Not only does it last long (which is not an issue for me because I  re-paint my nails often) but I love how easily I can apply it because it does not have a super thick consistency. It is quite light but not too transparent when applied on the nail. Because of this consistency it is easy to apply up to 3 coats without forming bubbles and it dries really quickly. Due to the great results I got with this nail polish I have decided to go back and get a few more colours so that I can alternate as I usually do. This is really one of the best nail colours I have ever used and would recommend it for all nail lovers out there to try it out. Rimmel has really made me love this lasting finish!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Find your foundation shade

It is sometimes really annoying when you are trying to find your right foundation shade in a new product you want to try and you go to the counter only to be matched with a completely wrong shade. Well I find it difficult trusting some of the opinions of these assistants so I prefer to learn from others who have actually tested the product. I have therefore started this particular post so that individuals can post their shades in various foundations and even powders they use so that others can use them as a guide.

Using myself as an example, here are the different foundations I have used and my shades:

Mac studio fix fluid foundation: NW43 (mixed with a little bit of NW44)
Mac studio fix powder: NW43
Mac Match-master foundation : 7.0
Mac mineral skin finish natural: dark
Mac mineralize skin finish: Gold deposit
Bobbi Brown even finish foundation: Warm Almond
Bobbi Brown Stick foundation: Warm Almond
Black Opal Stick foundation: Truly topaz
L'oreal true match: Cappuccino N8 
Nars foundation: New Orleans / Macao
Sephora foundation/; R50/55
Make up forever (MUFE) Mat velvet foundation: 75

I now encourage all cosmetic lovers to post their shades in the comment section and those who need to know their shades in other brands can also post their question so that they get the answers they need from people of similar shades. 

My style: Bobbi Brown foundation shade

My style: Bobbi Brown foundation shade: From various reviews it is strongly evident that  a lot of dark skinned ladies have difficulties finding the right shades especially when i...

Affordable Virgin Hair!!!

Now there is nothing I love more than finding ways to cut costs on certain "necessities". Over the last few years the virgin hair craze has continued to rise however this increase in demand does not seem to attract a reduction in the prices of these "luxury hair pieces." No matter which type one opts for, be it Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian or Russian etc, there is not much difference in the costs. The prices still remain exorbitant. As such as much as I wanted to purchase my own I was simply not ready to spend more almost 200 dollars on one bundle weighing about 3-4 oz. So the first Brazilian hair I wore was actually a gift sent from Amsterdam, Holland. Although It was shorter than I would have preferred, but one could not complain much. After all it was really lovely and the length made it look even extra natural on me so I loved it. Here are a few pictures. The hair was really short and as a first timer I did not do a good job at taking good care of it but it always looked good.

Having loved my first experience I decided to purchase my first brazilian hair, and being good at  researching, I managed to find an online shop with unbelievably affordable virgin hair, that I had ever come across. Have you ever heard of  Vimage Hair??? Well that was and still is the name of the company, and they happened to have really good prices when compared with other companies I had checked out. I got three bundles of 3oz each (14, 16 and 18 inches) for about 200 dollars. It was unbelievable. I had managed to save close to 100 dollars, thanks to this website. To add to that, shipping was free and the package arrived in less than 2 weeks. I was also impressed with their customer service. As soon as the package was shipped I received both an email and a text message informing me of the shipment.

...And the hair.....? Yes it was amazingly soft with really nice curls. I was a bit skeptical of the quality because of the price but I was really shocked to realise that this was really good Brazilian hair. So how do they afford to sell at such low prices? I have no idea. All I know is I loved this hair and have even worn it twice already. It is still in my stash of weaves and I intend to use it to make a 3/4 wig  which I can wear from time to time.
This is how it looked the first time I wore it....

....and this was the second time


I will definitely purchase again from this website again and use it in making a wig. I am already eyeing one of their packages , Brazilian virgin human hair 14" 16" and 18" which is going for 200 dollars. Anyone interested can use the link below: