Sunday, September 9, 2012

Revlon Just bitten Kissable lipstain review

I saw a review of these new lip stains by Revlon on YouTube and just could not wait to try them out myself and see if they were really as appealing as most reviewers portrayed them to be. Unfortunately these products are not yet in stores in France so I had to order mine from a U.S. based vendor last week on Ebay. While I was at it I just decided to order two of the lip butters as well because I have been having problems with very dry lips for the past few weeks.
I was really excited when I received the package yesterday and was eager to test the products, and when I did, there was nothing short of a smile of satisfaction on my face. This is definitely not one of those lip products you buy and end up disposing off. It falls no where near the category of lip products which have ended up making my lips wrinkly or develop tiny bumps. I really love this product because it is exactly what the name describes: a lip stain. The color really stains the lips and therefore automatically gives a long lasting wear. You therefore do not need to re-apply so much when touching up. A mere touch of lipgloss over the existing application will just give off that shine again. I also think it is quite moisturizing. Although it is not glossy, oily or as wet as a normal lip balm or lip shine would be it still manages to prevent your lips from feeling dry and cracked, even after majority of the product has wiped off. In addition to that it is really easy to apply. It gives off this creamy finish and looks really good even without a lip liner. I especially love the colours Sweetheart and Rendezvous which can be worn lightly as an everyday look or built up to a more fierce look for a special outing. I cannot wait for these products to start selling in France because I find them really worth the spend, and I am looking forward to getting more shades.
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