Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rimmel's I love Lasting Finish review

Now I always come across a lot of nail polish which tend to be advertised to have a lasting finish, no chipping and so on. But honestly I have personally not come across one that is actually fits that category. Well today is the day I change my mind about that. I bought this Rimmel I love Lasting finish nail polish from Monoprix in Grenoble, France last weekend and I absolutely love it. Not only does it last long (which is not an issue for me because I  re-paint my nails often) but I love how easily I can apply it because it does not have a super thick consistency. It is quite light but not too transparent when applied on the nail. Because of this consistency it is easy to apply up to 3 coats without forming bubbles and it dries really quickly. Due to the great results I got with this nail polish I have decided to go back and get a few more colours so that I can alternate as I usually do. This is really one of the best nail colours I have ever used and would recommend it for all nail lovers out there to try it out. Rimmel has really made me love this lasting finish!

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