Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bobbi Brown foundation shade

From various reviews it is strongly evident that  a lot of dark skinned ladies have difficulties finding the right shades especially when it comes to foundations. This is something that I truly relate to because I used to face similar difficulties. I ended up spending money trying out different brands because I was not a fan of mixing and matching and I was just so determined to find one that was close enough to wear without having to constantly mixing it with other shades. Although I was an NW43 in mac studio fix fluid and completely loved the full coverage it was still a bit too light and looked a bit ashy sometimes. I wont even talk about the results when I tried the NC range because it was just horrible and I quickly had to give it away.
A friend then recommended Bobbi Brown foundation to me  stating that it gave good results for dark skin with yellow undertones. Based on my own research I decided to try the Bobbi Brown Natural finish long lasting foundation and the stick foundation in the shade Warm Almond . To set it I bought the skin foundation mineral makeup in medium dark and added the creamy concealer in golden.

I must have been really brave to purchase all of these for the first time online but my research on my shades didn't fail me...


  I absolutely loved the results the foundation gave me. I have never found one that is so close to my skin tone before. It gives of a natural and radiant look and puts a smile on my face I every time I wear my makeup because it is absolutely perfect. I cannot wait to try out the new Long-wear even finish foundation SPF 15 and their BB cream (SPF 35). Will post a review on those products as soon as I receive them.

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