Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fraulein 38 120 colours Jelly Matte Eyeshadow palette review

I originally decided to go straight ahead with the review but I felt the need to share my experience with the company as well. Fraulein 38 is a German cosmetic company with a lovely online store which I absolutely love because they are stocked with very lovely looking cosmetic products. As much as I love all that I am a bit hesitant to revisit them because of the long struggle before I finally received my order: a  120 colours jelly matte eyeshadow palette and 34 pieces starter brushes full set.
I ordered these products on 21st July 2012 and was  told it would take about 8 days to be delivered. I however received them only yesterday, 19th September 2012.

I made it a point to contact them when I realized the items were delaying and I must say they have a very efficient customer service and always replied on time however I could not contain my disappointment and borderline fury when I received a reply indicating that my items probably got lost in transit. Well thank God they offered to send the items again while re-emphasizing their loyalty to customers. The following weeks saw numerous emails back and forth where I was asked to pay an extra 5 euros for insurance. After I did that, this time I received the items within a week. I must say I  really love the items enough to want to do this review I just pray this unfortunate encounter does not often occur because it was really distressing.

This is the original package the palette came in. When I unboxed it the case was black with the brand sticker underneath it.

The palette comprises of both bright and subtle colours that can pull of day and night time looks for any occasion. This is a must have for daring individuals who like to experiment with different colours and pulling off wild looks. The top crate begins with two rows of different shades of blue, then moves on to a variety of green before the yellow section which comprises of some orange and gold infused colours.
The lower crate contains the white, grey and black colours with a row of purple and a row of pink which has about two red colours included.

Rather than doing swatches I intend to post pictures as I combine these colours in my everyday looks to give a clearer picture of how it looks when made up.

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