Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boohoo craze

I am officially in love with Being a lover of fashion who can sometimes go on crazy hauls I tend to do a lot of browsing online to find very good online stores with affordable outfits.
I chanced upon the Boohoo website in December last year when I was specifically searching for some knee-length dresses for several events that were coming up during the season. I must say I found a whole lot of lovely outfits, amazing shoes, bags and other accessories. That is when it all begun. I found myself going back to that website every time i had to shop online.

I think the thing I loved the most about that store as compared to others was:
  • The website presentation
 It was very attractive with bright colours  and shades that do not make the clothes they display less more depressing than they actually look. I have been to some other websites where the everything looks so dull that it just puts me off. And the thing is these outfits do not really look like that in reality. So why not add some pop to make vibrant online shoppers enjoy the experience because the choices we make are based on what we see before us. Well thanks to boohoo i can spend time going from page to page without getting bored because everything looks lovely. You also have the choice of viewing everything in a category at once or at least have a lot more on a page at a time. I must say it gets tiring on online stores where you can view only 20 items or less at a time  and have to keeping moving to the next and the next and when you select to buy an item and then decided to continue shopping thereafter, it takes you right back to the beginning aaaargh. Thumbs up boohoo I really love your site.

  • Up to date fashion.....lots of variety
They are always up to date with the newest fashion trends and provide various styles which are at par with well known brands that most young people cannot really afford. They also have so much variety that you can choose from. It really makes you have an interesting shopping experience. My latest find are these great Lita look alike shoes, which i got for 45 euros.

With the fall season round the corner I cannot wait to rock these with some skinny jeans and a lovely top. They made my summer with their colourful and true to size maxi dresses and I cannot wait to sea what they come up with next. I would therefore say visit that site anytime you shop online and check them out. You wont regret it.


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